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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute you >> are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. the ectopia jobs report has been released four days -- october jobs report has been released four days before the election. the uptick in the on employment rate is the hottest topic on the
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campaign trail. >> the nation's unemployment rate is 7.9%, up slightly from a month ago as suspected, even though 171,000 jobs were created in october. another 34,000 not originally reported in september. >> this is agree report. >> it is consistent with the confidence numbers but it showed that consumers are feeling better about the economy. >> is a big topic on the campaign trail. both candidates land in ohio today. governor romney visits seven states, including a rally in ohio tonight with 100 supporters, politicians, and celebrities. in virginia last night, a makeup before hurricane sandy, he argued that the resident is running out of steam. >> he was talking abut saving characters on "sesame street"
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and playing word games with my name and attacking me on a regular basis, a tax he knows are not true. >> president obama also visits the seven states between now and election day with a focus on ohio, is must-win state. he will be there every day between now and the election. >> al qaeda as been decimated, osama bin laden is dead. we have made real progress these past four years. >> how will it shakeout on tuesday? >> romney has a 50-50 chance to win the popular vote. it is harder to see him winning the electorial vote. >> a possible split verdict from a nation deeply divided, and anxious to end this very long campaign. >> baltimore city police are investigating a shooting involving a licensed security guard. officers found a man suffering a
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gunshot wounds at the 500 block of west franklin st. phone 8 econo 25 last night. a preliminary investigation reveals that the victim had been trying to dig into a car when a security guard approached him. a physical confrontation ensued and it ended with the victim being shot with the security guard was not injured. a funeral arrangements are underway now for a u.s. navy seal killed in baltimore. alonso gladden was home on his first day of leave and was helping his younger brother unload groceries for the grandmother when it two men approached him and opened fire. police are still looking for the suspects. the funeral began about an hour ago in south baltimore. baltimore investigators are looking for a mandate say sexually abused a 6-year-old girl. a man assault with a girl as she was standing with a family member inside a dollar store at potee street back on october 21. employees were unable to stop the man as he ran out of the
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store, but a surveillance camera caught his photograph. >> maybe you don't know his name, but you may know the neighborhood he lives in, where he works. any information at all, detectives are looking for the public to help us out. >> the man is described as 5'6" tall with a medium build, and has two gold teeth with the letter j on one of them. the girl suffered no serious injuries. >> it has been a breezy and chilly day today, but so far pretty quiet. a few sprinkles here and there in a couple of neighborhoods and that will continue through the afternoon. you don't have to take an umbrella, nothing of any consequence. it will feel like it is even cooler than that. average high temperature this time of year is 62.
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it will stay in the 40's in the mountains. upper 50's around ocean city. 20% chance for a speculative pass by your neighbor and. -- a sprinkle to pass by your neighborhood. >> baltimore public works crews are crowded work trying to repair water makes bricks in the city. they are working on a break at east coldspring lane during the thursday morning my shower when another main burst just a mile and half away. we are told that the brakes are unrelated and have nothing to do with hurricane sandy. the culprit, once again, is old age. >> one of the things that happens with old infrastructure. officials tell us that the affected morgan state university on coldspring as well as about 40 homes and businesses on old york road, but no homes on coldspring are without water. the job is almost done for bge workers who restored power to more than 344,000 homes after
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hurricane sandy. the utility is reporting just 2700 households are still without power. the majority of those outages are in baltimore county, where 1400 families are waiting for electricity. bge brought in workers from around the country and canada before sandy hit million. the people across the northeast are still struggling without power, food, and fuel. the devastation from sandy unveils new publications that are making for a long and difficult recovery. the latest from athletic city. -- atlantic city. >> we need help immediately. >> cries for help are getting louder. >> something has to be done immediately. >> parts of staten island are unlivable the community is in morning trade across the northeast, communities are tired of waiting for help.
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even as supplies arrive at the truck full, it releases long and tedious. lines are becoming the new normal for gas, food, and every day travel. crews promise that they are making progress, cleaning up and removing debris. in atlantic city, tractors pickup plant from a portion of the city boardwalk. >> we are ready for the residents to come back. >> new york city is ready to continue tradition, too. not everyone is in favor of holding the yearly amohundred marathon. >> a runner from out of town is going to get that room. >> thousands now homeless are asking for federal help. fema is the opening disaster relief centers today, and they will be desperately needed. in atlantic city, new jersey,
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danielle leigh. >> the jerry sandusky sex abuse seige continues. why two former penn state officials are in court today. unemployment may have to tire, unemployment may have to tire, but it was not all bad news
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call or click today. the space shuttle atlantis is on the move to its new retirement home. it left kennedy space center around sunrise this morning and is taking a 10-mile ride on the back of a 76-wheeled platform. atlantis will need all that long to complete the trip with several stops along the way for photo ops. nbc is reaching out to victims of hurricane sandy with a sandytelethon, hosted by matt lauer and featuring performances by bruce springsteen, billy joel, christina aguilera. can catch it tonight from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.
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every means are scheduled for former athletic director tim curley and former vice president gary schultz. the two face several charges, but the attorney general made one more on them on a thursday, child endangerment. it all stems from the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. still to come, it is that time of year for your kids -- sneezing, coughing, sniffling. is it a cold or is it allergies? >> it looks like the chilly temperatures will stay with us through the weekend. we will talk about that and when you can expect through election day. 51 at the airport. 51 at the airport.
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>> in the "consumer alert," the ipad mini its shelves today could well reduce have been mostly positive, there are criticisms over the price tag, $329. analysts predict that apple will sell between 1 million and 1.5 million at this weekend. as we told you earlier, the unemployment rate was higher during october, but positive economic signs service in the automobile industry in spite of losing three days of business to hurricane sandy, although sales were at an animal weight of the 3.8 million in october. chrysler and general motors reported their best sales since 2007. ford said that the mega storm
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likely cost the industry 25,000 in sales. just in case you need to make an insurance claim, here are some apps that can help you. >> this is it to $95 cents app for iphone and ipad that allows you to store and organize sensitive data. protected with a password. any important files and information you would typically store in a real safe. you always have access to the personal data that you need. the entrance information institute has a handy free app called know your stuff. information is stored on remote servers so that you can access it on any computer.
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it even provides a maintenance calendar so you can get reminders for things like cleaning vents at having the furnace checked. at $4.99, this is on the expensive side, but it is very full-featured now you can document all your possessions with photographs and serial numbers and value estimates. it backs it up on secure servers, and you can print or e- mail reports to your insurance agent. >> good ideas there. remember, once disaster hits your home, it is too late, so take an inventory of your home and property today. >> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with tony pann. >> ever since the storm went through we have set up a very chilly regime. no exception in the mid-atlantic states.
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in oakland in western maryland. -- 32 in oakland in western maryland. 52 degrees in rock hall. just to give you a little perspective, the average height is 62. we are 10 degrees below that mark. i know it's a whole clutch hitting for us, at this temperature--- don't see a whole lot to dig for us, at least temperature-wise. high pressure will come in over the weekend and will keep us chilly but dry on saturday and sunday. this disturbance up here is coming out of the mountains. you can see the circulation in the cloud producing a few sprinkles. if you were out this morning, you may have noticed that.
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hit and miss showers pop-up. we have some lake effect snow showers going on in upstate new york and back into parts of pennsylvania. in the weekend, the upstream will stay in the same place, meaning below normal temperatures for us all the way to the weekend. for today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds. slight chance for a couple of sprinkles. sunset at four minutes after 6:00. when you wake up tomorrow morning, there will probably be some frost out there. seven-day forecast, quite chilly. before you could bet on saturday night, set your clocks back one hour before -- you go to bed on saturday night, said clocks
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back one hour. on election day, a storm will come up the coast and we will see rain on tuesday night and wednesday, but most of tuesday should be dry. there might be even a little snow mixed in. >> in the "medical alert," scientists are learning more about how little time it takes for second-hand smoke to be harmful. researchers exposed 15 healthy people to concentrated smoke levels and found that their breeding was -- breathing was impaired after just 20 minutes, and afterwards they showed their resistance even when not reporting discomfort during the past. it is that time of year when you hear coughs and sniffles of your little ones, but it is hard to tell if it is cold or allergies.
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>> children spend a lot of time sniffling and sneezing this time of year, making it hard for parents to figure out if it is a cold or allergy. >> runny noses and sneezing are common to both. allergies can have itching. those said to be hallmarks of allergic reactions. >> you don't see much pitching with colds. simmons, andfew sentenc one of them is a fever. youngsters often complain about a sore throat with a cold, less common with allergies. colds tended to run their course within a week or two weeks, whereas allergies a much longer. >> if the senate dems are every fall or every spring lasting for more than -- a than symptoms are
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every fall or every spring lasting for more than a couple of weeks, it is probably allergies. >> it may be time to clean out your medicine cabinet. sister company of the new england, pounding center is voluntarily recalling all of its medications. they say they have not received reports of negative reactions to products but is complying with the fda call. the new england a center has been linked to an national outbreak of a fumble meningitis that has so far killed 29 people and sickened more than 300 others. coming up next, your maryland lottery numbers. first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> as if the people of cleveland at needed another reason to hate the ravens, they're going for the 10th straight victory over the browns this weekend. in a recent game with houston, ray rice only managed 32 rushing yards. coordinator knows that his unit needs solid communication for a win on sunday. >> it might be any combination.
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it could be in the passing game, protection, the running game. the best picture on the road that we are on the same page. -- we must make sure on the road that we are on the same page. >> and now your maryland lottery numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday all season long. >> happy purple friday, go ravens. i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock. we will get your pick four in a moment. but first, at the lucky sevens them book -- book a gamebook
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xander favre lottery retailer. -- is at your favorite lottery retailer. now for your pick four numbers. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> tony says it will be chilly this weekend. >> we should still be in the 60's this time of year. 54 today, 53 tomorrow 3 overnight, mid-thirties. when you wake up tomorrow, there will be frost on the ground. set your clocks back an hour before you go to sleep on saturday night. the next real change for rain will be tuesday night and wednesday. >> good time to check your smoke detector.
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>> to all of that this weekend. >> thanks for joining us.
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